Wij zijn niet de enige Autonome gym. Hieronder staan een paar links van gelijkaardige plekken.

We are certainly not the only Autonomous Gym. Here you’ll find some links of places in Europe who are quite similar.

Palestra Populare AntiFa Boxe:
Palestra Popolare San Pietrino:
Palestra Antirazzista Red Rose:
ASD Boxe Populare:
Palestra Populare Antirazzista:

Er zijn er nog veel meer in Italië zowel als in sociale centra als in kraakpanden maar de webpaginas zijn moeilijk te vinden.

These are not the only places in Italy, there are many many more, all of them located in social centers and squats but they are quite hard to find on the internet.

United Kingdom:
Le squat sportif:
Keep fit comrade (evicted but website is still online):

σχολείο 12 (school 12, much more than only martial arts):
Micropolis (also much more than martial arts):

Rapace Heidelberg:
Hardcore Training (has it’s roots in the Hardcore scene):